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Terms of service
  • Smarteka Terms of Service

    Welcome to the Smarteka site, a web resource that helps you stay in touch with your friends. The Smarteka site ( (hereinafter — the Site) is a network project aimed at linking people according to their education or employment places.

    You can also read Smarteka’s Privacy Policy. The Site administration offers you access to the Site services on the conditions subjected to these Terms of Service (hereinafter — the Terms).

    Hence you should examine the Terms carefully as they are regarded as a public offer by the Site Administration in accordance with Article 437 of the Russian Federation Civil Code.

  • 1. Terms and definitions
    • 1.1. The Site, or the social network, known as Smarteka, is the internet resource consisting of a set of (a) computer programs (software code running on a computer) and (b) the information (content) uploaded to them by the Administration and / or users. The content of the Site is a product of intellectual property. The Site is maintained in an information system that provides access to the aforesaid information on the Internet when addressed by the domain name (including all levels of the specified domain functioning on the moment of adoption of the Terms by the User as well as added after that). The User can access the Site through the website, its mobile version, applications or other resources
    • 1.2. Non-activated data and commands are data and commands, and the generated audiovisual displays that allow to increase the amount of virtual property used in the framework of the functionality of the Site. The conditions under which the User is granted the rights to use non-activated data and commands by the Administration are defined by the License Agreement, the current version of which is freely available on the Internet at:, and which is concluded by the Site Administration with the User.
  • 2. Status of the Smarteka Terms of Service
    • 2.1. These Smarteka Terms of Service (hereinbefore and hereinafter the Terms) have been developed by the Site Administration and determine the terms of the Site use and development conditions as well as the rights and obligations of the Users and the Administration. The Terms also cover the relations regarding rights and interests of third parties which are not the Site Users but whose rights and interests may be affected as a result of Site Users’ actions.
    • 2.2. These Terms are the legally binding agreement between the User and the Site Administration whereby the Site Administration provides services for the User regarding the use of the Site and its services (hereinafter the Services). In addition to the Terms, the agreement between the User and the Site Administration includes all special documents that regulate the provision of individual Site services and are posted on the relevant Site sections on the Internet.
    • 2.3. The User is obliged to be fully aware of these Terms before signing up on the Site. The User’s registration on the Site means full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms by the User in accordance with Article 438 of the Russian Federation Civil Code.
    • 2.4. The Site Administration may make changes and/or additions to these Terms unilaterally without any special notification. These Terms are an open document available to the general public. The current version of the Terms is available on the Internet at The Site Administration recommends that the Users check the conditions of these Terms regularly for changes and/or additions. The continuation of use of the Site by the User after changes and/or additions are made to these Terms will mean the User’s agreement with and acceptance of such changes and/or additions.