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What is Smarteka?

This is a service for finding best practices in various industries to address socio-economic issues. Smarteka is designed for change leaders, namely, heads of regions, management teams and all people concerned who are changing the life around them for the better.

Representatives of regional management teams, NGOs, businesses and people concerned of the region, who participate in the exchange of best practices
Authors recieve
A convenient tool for replication
An opportunity to present themselves and their practice at the national and international levels
Recommendations of experts in scaling their experience
Maria Vyacheslavovna Zhirova Foundation of Support for Civil Initiatives, author of the Comfortable Urban Environment through the Eyes of Children practice

Smarteka brings constituent entities closer together, allowing us to refine the best versions of the “wheel”, taking into account regional specifics. Replication of practices forms a unified information field, helps to address acute socio-economic problems on a larger scale.

Aydar Faritovich Akmalo Kazan Open University of Talents 2.0, author of the University of Talents practice

In the changing VUCA world, we are constantly improving and developing, and it is great when there is an opportunity to learn about our peers’ experience. When sharing regional practices, we open up new fields of activities for an organization and facilitate implementation with the methodological support of our peers

Albina Ramilyevna Gazizullina the Proven Business practice

Smarteka gave us an opportunity to tell about the project to all regions at once, to find potential partners and like-minded people. The first request for implementation was submitted within the first month after the publication. I would like to explicitly mention the expert and informational support of the project by the Smarteka team, which facilitates the project replication process.

    What can be published on Smarteka?
    Best Practice
    It's a completed socio-economic project with proven positive results.
    It should solve current problems and have the potential for replication worldwide.
    You can publish your best practice on Smarteka if:
    You are a practice author or participated in its implementation
    The practice uses new approaches in comparison with analogues
    The result of the practice can be measured
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