Smarteka is currently in beta.
Платформа обмена практиками устойчивого развития

Смартека ориентируется на улучшение условий жизни в регионах России, объединяет лидеров изменений и собирает эффективные практики на одной платформе

Why and Whom to?

Main goal of Smarteka is to facilitate search and exchange of social and economic practices that are aimed at regions’ development. Besides, the project will bring active people together in the communities, so they can make the world a better place, regardless of their job position, and social status.

Smarteka allows active, sympathetic and determined people to live up to their potential, as well as experience personal growth and positive changes.

Will bring change leaders into a strong, single community


Smarteka engages leaders and builds its own community by making all the participants meaningful

can now have voice and contribute to the development of their regions;
can vote for the practices they want to have in their regions
Practice leaders
are renowned at federal and inter-regional levels;
obtain a convenient tool for reproducing
obtain a convenient access to tried-and-tested solutions;
receive the practice implementation support delivered by the whole team
win professional recognition and credibility at federal and inter-regional levels;
enjoy the opportunity to put their professional competencies into practice
Basic features
  • Complete
    the form

    Complete the practice summary form. You can be guided by the already published practices. Send you practice for the review.

    Any authorized user can submit their practice for a review.

  • Get expert's

    The experts from the relevant field review your practice summary .

    Three experts carry out a comprehensive assessment of your practice and suggest if any chages are needed.

  • Get commission's

    Now your practice is reviewed by the interdepartmental commission of the region that adopted the practice.

    If your practice is not linked to any specific region, it is revied by the ASI.

    The Commission is to confirm that your practice is employed and thus approve its publication with Smarteka.

  • Publication
    on the platform

    Now that you have successfully followed all the steps and your practice is approved by the commision, it will be published on Smarteka.


Our automatic ratings help indicate the most active members of the community and the most popular practices on the platform.

The ratings are based on the number of implementations, and likes from the community. Note that likes from the experts bring more points.

Practices on Smarteka are the approved solutions of the socially and economically significant tasks. They have measurable results and the capacity to be reproduced.

Smarteka categories

  • Health and lifestyle
  • Effective management
  • Development of SME and export
  • Living standards and demography
  • Ecology and natural resources
  • Tourism
  • Innovation and technology
  • Culture
  • Investments
  • Housing and urban environment
  • Education
  • Rural areas development